Combination peeling

Combination peelingCombination peeling is having two or more ingredients combined together to give better result without much side effects. They are used based on aesthetic needs. The combination peels are Meso-peel Azelan, Meso-peel Jessner, Melanostop peel and Pyruvex peel. Meso-peel Azelan contains salicylic acid 20% and acelaic acid 20%. Useful for active acne having inflammation and infection. Meso-peel Jessner contains Salicylic acid 14%, Lactic acid 14% ” Citric acid 20%. Useful for fairness & post acne hyperpigmentation Melanostop peel contains Acelaic acid 20%, Resocinol 20%, Phytic acid 6%. Useful for fairness, pigmentation, melasma. Pyruvex peel contains Pyruvic acid 40%, Lactic acid 10%. Useful for photo damage, fine wrinkles & small pores.