Skin Tightening

skin-tighteningRF Skin Tightening for Skin Sagging

Almeka uses e-Two sublime machine having radio frequency technology from Syneron Israel which is approved by FDA and CE for skin tightening procedures. Collagen (type I and type III) – insoluble fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix is responsible for firmness of young skin It gets rapidly reduced by the age of 40 due to UV rays, free radicals, chlorinated water, smoking, and pollution is responsible for skin sagging. The sublime procedure induces the formation of new collagen by:-

Heat down the deep dermis and cause collagen contracture and denaturation
Induce growth factors that stimulate new collagen synthesis
Replace the old collagen with new fibers that are histologically more compact and are better organized to give a less wrinkled/smoother skin appearance.