Nanofat hair restoration (Nano PRP)

What is Nano PRP Hair restoration?

Fat grafting is more than a century old, but there is a renewed interest amongst practitioners after the discovery of the adipose derived Stem cells (ADSCs) in fat in 2001. These stem cells have strong regenerative powers and are used for a wide range of indications from skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, wound healing to even hair regrowth.

Did you know that your fat has around 500 times more ADSCs than your bone marrow? With fat being much easier and safer to procure compared to the bone marrow, researchers are focusing on fat as a storehouse of stem cells.

Stem cells are being commonly used in hair restoration, starting from plant stem cells, stem cells in blood like the platelet rich plasma or platelet rich fibrin matrix.
Recent studies show promising results in the use of PRP along with nanofat or the stromal vascular fraction derived from fat. Unlike PRP, which usually requires multiple sessions, a single session of nanofat procedure gives longer lasting results.

The Nano PRP procedure consists of harvesting small amounts of microfat from the body, preferably the abdomen or hip under local anesthesia and purifying and processing the microfat into nanofat, which is then filtered so that it can be easily injected. The nanofat basically does not contain any fat cells but is a rich source of regenerative stem cells. This nanofat is usually mixed with PRP and injected via tiny injections into the target tissue, which is the scalp for hair loss. It can be also delivered via micro needling. When introduced into areas of thinning hair, it helps to improve hair thickness and density. Both men and women can undergo this innovative procedure which can be done under an hour without any stitches or admission!

Consult our dermatologist to see if you are a suitable candidate for this latest NANO PRP procedure!!

Nanofat for hair restoration – The latest in regenerative medicine

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