Hand and feet rejuvenation

Hand and feet rejuvenation at Almeka Kochi

Trying to hide your age? Our hands and feet are often neglected by us and can be a giveaway sign of our true age. Skin routines like repeated washing and use of sanitisers can take a toll on the sensitive skin on the back of our hands. Added to that are years of sun damage. Most of us do not look after our hands and feet in our prime years and later notice that our hands look wrinkled, pigmented, saggy and bony with prominent veins. Hand rejuvenation focuses on restoring fullness under the skin, bringing back elasticity and rejuvenating the skin.
Treatment options vary from peels, lasers, microdermabrasion, PRP, PRF, hyaluronic acid to even the latest range of nanofat and microfat grafting.

Nano Fat Grafting

With people turning to natural treatment options and focus being on body’s own regenerative and healing capacity, the nanofat/ microfat technique is a hot favourite among aesthetic practitioners in rejuvenation and to turn the clock around. These hot selling procedures are office based with minimal downtime and at the same time highly gratifying for the patient and the doctor. Procedures are usually performed by plastic surgeons or dermatologists who are suitably trained in injectables and fat grafting.

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