Brightening Treatment

Brightening TreatmentEnergy C Skin Brightening Treatment

A simple effective professional brightening treatment for face and neck combining highly illuminating and antioxidant products with an exclusive energizing massage technique. There are several treatment choices are available like pills, lotions, lasers, and creams. The main thing is that out of all these treatments which one to decide in order to get the good results. Many ladies with darker skin, therefore, put efforts to alter their complexion simply owing to social pressure. The treatments contain varieties of body polishes, spa facial and body wraps.

Brightening Treatment Protocol

Phase I : Skin Preparation

  • In skin brightening treatment first phase is Clean and tone up the skin of the neckline, neck and face with hydramilk cleanser and hydratonic.

Phase II : Energizing Massage

  • The second phase is prepare the mixture for massage by emulsifying 3 doses of facial massage cream (6ml) with single dose of energy C serum.
  • Heat slightly in the hands, spread the product and begin the maneuvers detailed in the energizing massage protocol (15 minutes.

Phase III : Boosting the Result

  • Third phase of skin brightening treatment will be take the two pieces of energy C crystal fiber mask out. First apply the piece for the face. Then deploy the piece for the neck, adapting its placement to the anatomic shape. Allow to act for 20 minutes.

Phase IV Finishing

  • Massage again the content of one dose facial massage cream until it is fully absorbed.
  • Complete the treatment with the application of moisturizing sun protection.

Phase V : Home Maintenance

  • The pack includes a bottle of energy C intensive cream for home maintenance of the results obtained in the clinic.
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