Fairness Treatments

fairnessAlthough in Almeka we believe every skin tone is beautiful, clearer and brighter skin is the need for many executives, celebrities, marriage functions and the younger generation in general.

Glutathione is a cellular antioxidant that occurs naturally in human body responsible for eliminating the body of the free radicals, thus improving immunity. But it’s also responsible for controlling melanin levels in the body. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin tone will be. So when you take glutathione Injection / capsules / Sprays, the melanin levels in your body fall, naturally causing a skin lightening effect. With glutathione skin whitening treatments you get a healthier body, and also a younger, whiter skin.

We have various types of peels at almeka, from very superficial to deep peels, combination peels, sequential peels etc. While some peels have an immediate instant glow, others may take a few days to a few weeks to get the best results. There are also peels with fewer sittings like the Cosmelan 1 for deeper pigmentation which has to be followed with maintenance creams like the cosmelan 2. Taking into account your profile including outdoor activities, available time and important social functions, a personalised treatment is charted to bring your best look forward for your special day!

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